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Benson Leonidas NORTHUP, SR. was born Jan 14, 1845 in Salisbury, New York, the seventh generation, first child of James Harvey and Almira (CLEVELAND) NORTHUP.
Benson left Fairfield Seminary if Herkimer County, N.Y. when he was 16 to enlist in Company "C", 81st New York Infantry of the Grand Army of the Republic. On leaving the Army, he returned home to New York for 15 months. He then went West to the end of the railroad in Waverly, Ia., where he bought a horse and journeyed on to Sioux city. There, he bought half interest in The Journal. He did not relish the liquor advertisement common in that day and sold his half to his partner.

In Union County, South Dakota, Benson married Florell Eleanor CURTIS (b. Abt. 1849) in the town of Burbank, S.D. on 30 August, 1870. Her brothers, Will and Frank, were later Pioneers on the East shore of Lake Washington, North of Seattle. Benson and Florell started for Seattle in 1875 via Union Pacific Railroad; stopping for 6 months in San Francisco, where he worked as a printer. They arrived in Seattle via a sailing ship on September 11, 1875. On the following Monday morning, he went to work as foreman in the Seattle Intelligencer office. In 1876, he rented from David Higgins, publisher of the Intelligencer, the job printing department, from which, among other work, he issued the first city directory of Seattle. Associated with him as compiler of work, was Kirk C. Ward. The book was a failure from the financial side, but it is one of the prime sources of the early history of Seattle. In October of 1878, Benson with Kirk C. Ward began the publication of a daily newspaper cal;led The Post. Soon afterwards, he sold his interest to Kirk C. and Mark Ward. The paper later merged with the Intelligencer.

Benson then became a school teacher in the Northern part of the city of Seattle for seven and one half years. During the last year and a half, he was vice principal of the Denny School. During the administrations of Mayors H.G. Struce and John Leary, 1883-1885, Benson was a member of the city council. Those were the days of such reforms as temperence and women's suffrage. After some years of teaching, Benson went back to printing and later embarked in the seed and nursery business, which failed in the hard times of 1893.

In 1897, the family moved to the Western edge of the state, where they bought from William Kerr, the "Relinquishment" of a homestead claim on the Clearwater River, a branch of the Queets River, which was home for the family for many years. Benson taught school at Queets and Clearwater, and also was postmaster at Clearwater. He spent the last part of his life at the soldier's home at Orting, and Florell lived with their sons, first Benson, Jr. and later, John Lester, and finally with Dale until her death. They had at least ten children. Benson and Florell were members of the Baptist Church.
He died April 12, 1926, in Seattle,WA) His original Homestead cabin is preserved to this day as a Historical monument.

According to Myrtle (Anderson) Northup, who knew Florell well from the years she lived with her and huband, Benson L. Northup, Jr.; Florell's Father was James Curtis, born in Pennsylvania, and her Mother, Sophia Delight Williams was born in Ireland. James and Sophia Curtis had three children, Frank, Will and Florell. All three were quite gifted musically, as well as Frank's wife, Molly. Molly played the piano and the others sang. Benson fell in love with Florell's voice before he even met her. He said she had an alto voice of a very special quality. She also played piano and did some composing. Myrtle was fortunate to have heard Molly Curtis play the piano in 1920 while on a visit to Houghton. B.L. Northup, Sr. was also musical and played an instrument, usually fife at least as far back as during the time he served in the Civil War. He was also a member of the Queen City Band in Seattle.

Patricia Curtis aka Sonia Curtis has this to say about the Curtis family:

"Frank had two sons Walter and Alvin (Al). Alvin married Louisa (Louise) Eisenbeis of Pt Townsend WA. (See Pt. Townsend historical web sites(Uncle Frederick built what is now called Manresa Castle). Mom was Rose Denger. They had two sons Son Lloyd and son Maurice.
Lloyd Denger Curtis Sr. married Elsea Mieske of Port Townsend. They had one son LLoyd Denger Curtis jr., who married Stella Margaret Och. Lloyd and Stella had four sons: Phillip, Greg, Brian Lee and Ray.
I am Patricia Beyer Curtis. I married Brian Lee Curtis.
Also, Florell apparently had a brother James F., who married Mary Matilda (Molly) King (Father is Morris King). The Eisenbeis connection has records for Prussia and the Och connection from Bremertown Germany also has records. "

Much of the rest of this information comes from an extensive packet of Genealogy I received from Thomas Northup of Montesano, Washington on the Benson Northup Family on March 18, 2003. This information will be input to these pages over the next several weeks. Stay in touch for daily changes to this Website while Benson Leonidas Northup's page is under constant construction.
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Benson Northup Family

Children of Benson Leonidas Sr. and Florell Northup

Robley James Northup b. June 3, 1871; Covington, Dakota County, Nebraska d. October 1934, Hoquiam, Washington
Almira Delight Northup b. March 29, 1874; Liberty, Dakota County, Ne d. July, 1895, Seattle, Washington
Dale Orin Northup b. March 3, 1876; Liberty, Dakota County, Ne d. February 10, 1952
Ray Alta Northup b. September 26, 1880, Seattle, Washington d. January 19, 1962
Ruth Avis Northup b. Seattle, Washington, September 30, 1882 d. Hoquiam, Washington, April 3, 1949
Agnes Mabel Northup b. December 9, 1884, Seattle, Washington d. May 12, 1955
George Harvey Northup b. December 20, 1888, Houghton, Washington d. January 15, 1952
John Lester Northup b. April 3, 1892, Houghton, Washington d. June 23, 1970
Benson Leonidas Northup, Jr. b. May 22, 1894, Houghton, Washington d. October 8, 1948, Brinnon, Washington
Rena Day Northup
(adopted at 11 years of age)
b. May 28, 1896 d. May 27, 1932

Children of George and Hazel Northup:
l. Auguste Eugene Northup, b. May 22, 1910, Scottsburg, Oregon; d. October 4, 1962; m. Leone Vaile who was b. April 17, 1913, Glendive, Nontana, and d. Novernber 20, 1975.

Children of Auguste and Leone Northup:
1/ James William Northup, b. December 12, 1935, Aberdeen, Washington; m. tl December 1958, Aberdeen, Nashington, to Betty Davis who was b. May 26, 1940, Shelton, Washington (divorced 1969)

Children of Jim and Betty Northup:
(1). Shari Lynn Northup, b. July 11, 1961, Klamath Falls, Oregon. Shari Lynn m. January 27, 1979, Rainier, Washington, to Darold Ringer Child of Shari and Darold Ringer:
1/. Andrea Ringer, b. March 27, 1983
(2). Mary Lisa Northup, b. August 12, 1962, Klamath Falls, Oregon. Mary Lisa m. January 25, 1986, Quinault, Washington, to David Engvald Christiansen who was b. December 4, 1955, Tacoma, Washington
(3). William Taft Northup (adopted), b.;.uly 8, 1965, Seat.tle, Washir.gton, who was of Maskan Native descent
Jim m. 02 May 1C, 1972, Forks, Nashington, to Karen M. Pollock Zwicl-er who was b. October 25, 1941, Anaconda, Montana (divorced 1980)
Chi!d af Jim and Karen Northup:
(4). James Boyd Northup, b. February 14, 1973, Port Angeles, Washington
Jim m. t3 May 12, 1981, to Ruth A. Gilham WoL'en who was b. July 28, 1938.
James Nilliam Northup served three years in U.S. Navy as Aerographer Kodiak, Alaska, and aboard ship at atom bomb tests at Bikini and Eniwetok Atolls 1956. Early 1960's lived in Chiloquin, Oregon, and worked for U.S. Forest Service. Moved back to Clearwater, Quir.ault areas and worked for Morrison Logging Company. Late 1960's and early 1970's went to Alaska and fished commercially for salmon and shrimp. Moved to Forks area 1972 and worked for ITT Rayonier. Moved to Port Angeles in 1981.

2/ David George Northup, h. November 1, 1937, Aberdeen, Nashington; m. April 15, 1961, to Nadine Inez Christiansen (b. March 6, 1941, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas).
Children of David and Nadine Northup:
(1). Lorie Lorraine Northup, b. April 21, 1962, Klamath Falls, Oregon; m. June 8, 1985, to Wade Wallace Ash in Chiloquin, Oregon, (Wade was b. in Hyrtle Point, Oregon, April 28, 1956)
Children of Lori and Wade Ash:
1/. Katie Leone Ash, b. December 20, 1985, in Klamath Falls, Oregon
2/. Kelly Lynn Ash, b. July 25, 1987, Bend, Oregon
(2). Krista Lea Northup, b. June 5, 1965, Klamath Falls, Oregon; m. June 27, 1987, in Reddiag, California, to Kevin Williams who was b. December 17, 1962, Indianapolis, Indiana
Child of Krista Lea and Kevin Williams:
1/. Zachary Phillip David Williams, b. December 14, 1987, Redding, California
(3). Holly Sue Northup, b. December 8, 1969, Klamath Falls, Oregon
David George Northup spent his early years in Clearwater, Washington. After graduating from High School he joined the Air Force and served four years, as a hydraulics instructor. He was stationed in Oklahoma, Illinois, South Dakota, and England. In 1958, moved to Chiloquin, Oregon, and worked as a carpenter and is now a timber faller (1989).

3/ Thomas Northup
2. Harold Reed Northup, b. October 2, 1911, Pleasant Home, Oregon; m. July 1939, to Della Mae Paris b. January 27, 1916, Butte, Montana (she had one child, Nancy who was b. 1936) (divorced July 1952); d. August 3, 1992..
Children of Harold and Della Northup:
1," Harold Reed Northup, Jr., b. Oct.ober 28,:.":.38, Woodland, Washington;
m. 41 Agnes Hodecoff of Alaska. Worked (in 1985) as shingle sawyer in Port Angeles. Agnes died about 1980 as result of a car accident; m.C2 Norma Little.
Children of Harold, Jr., and Agnes Northup:
(1). Lenora Northup
(2). Teresa Northup
(3). Christine Northup
(4). John Northup, d. May? 1990
2/ Darryl Lee Northup, b. February 16, 1940, Port Angeles, Washington;
m. Berda Lopez of Hayward, California; worked as a shingle sawyer in Port Angeles, Washington, now (in 1985) pastoring an Apostolic Faith Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas, for the past year and one-half Children of Darryl and Berda Northup:
(1). Dwayne Northup
(2). Danaye Northup
Further information on family of Harold Reed Northup:
Step-daughter, Nancy (Jody), m. Elmer Hoover of Port Angeles, a mill worker. Their children: Michael, Rick, Carolyn, and Debbie. Nancy divorced and remarried, and worked as a cook for Catholic priests in Bellevue, Washington (in 1985)
Harold Reed Northup worked in the logging industry as a bulldozer operator, shovel operator, yarder engineer, loader operator, high rigger, etc., at Quinault, and Cougar (near Mt. St. Helens), both in Washington; The Dalles, Oregon; and again in Washington at Port Angeles, Discovery Bay, and Vancouver. (NOTE: Harold Reed Northup wrote a small book entitled "The Life of a Logger..." which is a story of his early life, as a logger, and later as a dedicated Christian worker.)

3. George Lester Northup (known as Lester), b. Der,ember 26, 1917; m. gl Betty May Harris, December 14, 1941; divorced May 27, 1964; m. 02 Grace Williams, 1Vovember 4, 1989.
Children of Lester and Betty Northup:
1/ Brent Lee Northup, b. February 19, 1946; m. December 28, 1967, to Sue Danielson (b. March 16, 1946, to John and Rowena Danielson of Mount Vernon, Nashington)
Child of Brent and Sue Northup:
(1). Katherine Debjani, b. December 28, 1986, and adopted June 1987 2/ Wendy Northup, m. Gino Barone
Child of Wendy and Gino Barone:
(1). Gina Marguerita Barone, b. January 23, 1980
4. Donna Louise Northup, b. December 31, 1925; m. gl Dana Simons, divorced
Children of Donna and Dana Simons:
1/ Terry Wayne Simons
2/ Jay Simans
(8) JOHN LESTER NORTHUP (known as Lester), b. April 3, 1892, Houghton, Nashington; d. June 23, 1970; m. Ruby Anderson Stockand (divorced from Stockand-- she had three children: Donald, Merton, and Thelma Stockand); Ruby d. October 4, 1969.
John Lester was the last survivor of the nine children of Florell and Benson, Sr. John Lester moved to Jefferson County with his parents as a child. He attended school at Clearwater, Washington, and later worked in construction and in logging camps and lumber mills before becoming road foreman for western Jefferson County, a position he held until 1943. He then drove a school bus in the west end of Jefferson County before living in Port Angeles, Nashington. He moved to Discovery Bay, Washington, in 1949 and came out of semi-retirement to again drive a school bus and serve as custodian at Discovery Bay School until his retirement in 1962. He served in the Navy during the first world war. He and his wife were members of the First Baptist Church. (Note: Ruby Anderson Stockand Northup was a sister of Myrtle Anderson Northup, wife of Benson L. Northup, Jr.)
Children of Lester and Ruby Northup:
1. Robert Lester Northup, b. July 29, 1930, Pt. Townsend, Nashington; m. Margaret Joan Mitchell (known as Joan) August 9, 1957, ir' New Westm~aster, B.C., Canada, she was b. April 11, 1933, Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada. Robert Lester Northup graduated from Port Angeles High School in June 1948; and graduated from Multnomah School of the Bible in May 1951. He was in the U.S. Navy from March 1952-March 1956, then graduated from San Diego State University as a physics major in 1963. He was employed as Electronics Technician at Electro Instruments 1956-1963; Electronics Engineer at General Dynamics 1963-1966; Electronics Engineer at Boeing Space Center, Kent, Washington, 1966-1968; Electronics Engineer for U.S. Navy Federal Civil Service, 1968- . His wife, Joan, graduated from Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing September 1954; worked at Health Center for children at V.G.H. in Vancouver, B.C., until September 1955; worked at Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, B.C., until September 1956; worked at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, California, until 1961; and piano teacher from 1970.

Children of Bob and Joan Northup:
1/ Barry Stewart Northup, b. March 10, 1959, San Diego, California; m. fl September 19, 1981, San Diego, California, to Ana Marie Shores who was b. March 15, 1964 (divorced August 1984)
Child of Barry and Ana Northup:
(1). Stephanie Laree Northup, b. February 5, 1982, San Antonio, Texas
Barry m. t2 June 14, 1986, to Lucy Marquez (Lucy b. January 7, 1950).
Barry Stewart Northup attended Christian High School, graduating in June 1977. Norked at Shell station and City Chevrolet in San Diego. Graduated from Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, spring 1981, as Diesel Mechanic. Came back to San Diego and worked at Hawthorne Machinery. After first marriage went to San Antonio to work. Back to San Diego summer 1982, again worked at City Chevrolet--thi=- time as a mechanic. Joined the Air Force in March 1983. Basic training in San Antonio, technical school in Denver, Colorado, and assigned to Castle A.F.B. California in August 1983; assigned to RAF base at Upper Heyford, England, September 1985. In September 1987 his duty assignment was changed to McConnell AFB in Wichita, Kansas.
2/ Dale Allan Northup, b. February 1, 1961, San Diego, CaHfornia; m. June 7, 1986, San Diego, California, to Susan Elaine Ave, who was b. January 31, 1965, San Diego, California. Dale attended Christian High School and graduated 1979. Music major at John Brown University (Azkansas) for one year. Worked at Pool Care one year. Went back to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in July 1981. Worked in a bank and studied at Tulsa University, graduating December 1984, with a Finance major. Moved back to San Diego; Commercial Loan Officer at Security Pacific Bank until June 1987; and in 198S was Assistant Vice President with Wells Fargo Bank, involved in commercial real estate development and ancing.

3/ David Bradley Northup, b. December 25, 1965; graduated from Christian High School in 1984, was a music major at John Brown University in Arkansas for one year, then attended Grossmont College in San Diego while working odd jobs in 1985-1986. David m. Cheryl Lynn Kaplan September 12, 1993.
________________________________________________________________________ ______ ______ Noreen (Northup) Keane (b. Feb. 12, 1925 in Hoquiam, WA) is daughter of (9) Benson Leonidas Northup, Jr., and has listed a contact address as:

Mrs. Bruce D. Keane
20505 Marine Drive #4
Stanwood, WA 98292

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